Friday, December 17, 2010

A Little Weekend Randomness

I saw 2 deer run across a little road that I take. But it's a rather populated area just a small patch of trees. Poor deer, glad I didn't hit them.

I met a wonderful lady & 3 of her 4 sons this week. Good home training from sons to grandsons. Unfortunately I met them, because the son that has been my neighbor passed away Sunday. I've only lived in this cul de sac about 18 months and I felt some kind of way when the moving van pulled out last night. I can't imagine how they felt.

Sheesh! Just a week until Christmas & the year is almost over. 2010 went by soo fast.

I'm looking forward to my new book that I won over a that Gal Lee's place She is a great writer, smart & funny.


Freaky Deaky said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbor.

I can honestly say 2010 went by fast for the most part. Not sure how I feel about 2011 but it's coming whether I'm ready or not.

Will there be a book review in the future?

Do you ever take the dog for a ride?

Remnants of U said...

Yes, he was a good guy.
I think I will have to do a book review. I can't just get the book & set it aside.

Yes, the dog does get to go for rides sometimes, and he is quite hyper so I have to plan the trips wisely. He likes to have the window rolled down so he can stick his head out. And when I reach my destination, he gets in my lap waiting for me to open the car door. A car ride can be a bit of a work out. LOL