Friday, June 04, 2010

Rainy Days & Old Friends

I guess I'm about to ramble a little. OK maybe Rambler is my middle name.

I woke up today and thought today was Saturday. For anyone that works a traditional Mon - Fri schedule that is like you waking up on Thurs thinking it's Fri. So now it feels like I have to work a whole extra night this week. Ugh!

One of my friends that I grew up with was an only child like me. We lost touch over the years, but thanks to ook we have been communicating again. Well, at some point over the years she met her father, and she has 4 or 5 sisters & brothers. So not only is she an aunt, but she is a great aunt. A very proud aunt at that. She has some pictures of the newest niece. Something about a picture of a chubby baby that clears up rainy day blues. Heck the pictures of her nephew with his baby sister, even out weighs that extra day I had added to my week. LOL!

My dog is scared of the thunder. So when I move, he move (just like that?) ha! ha! Thanks Ludacris. Corny? Yeah, ok. Umm, so it is best that I sit rather than trip on the DOG. Well, he does make a good 40 lbs foot warmer.

Oh it may be too late but I try to keep up with free stuff and today there are free donuts here & here.

Yeah! The sun is out! The sun is out!


Freaky Deaky said...

Chubby babies are the absolute best!

Dogs make wonderful foot warmers. I can do without it though when it's hot. Seems like that's when they like laying under you the most. I miss having a dog. *sigh* I don't think any of my dogs were scared of lightning unless it's the type that sneaks up on you and sounds extra loud. Now the vacuum cleaner caused anger or terror in a few though. LOL.

I knew about the donuts and still didn't go. Krispy Kreme isn't close enough and I don't know why I didn't go to Dunkin Donuts.

Remnants of U said...

Well, I thought he knew the difference between fire crackers & thunder, because he hadn't acted like that for thunder before. But there were a few loud explosion sounding booms (I jumped.)

I live pretty close to a Krispy Kreme. And the light was on! I didn't realize how far away the Dunkin was until I went online to locate one.

chele said...

Free donuts? I saw that on Friday and wondered why there couldn't be a free salad day or something.

Remnants of U said...

Ha! Ha! Well I'm sure if they sold salads they would cost more that $1.00 or so. But then many more restaurants could participate.