Monday, March 16, 2009

Thank you Cell Provider...I Won't be late!

We just sprang forward to daylight savings time. And the news reports that I watched said to change the clocks at 2:00am; and I may have changed mine at midnight in the past. But who in the 7734...(remember that one from childhood?) changes the time at or before 10:30pm? My cell phone provider that's who.

I use my cell phone as an alarm. Actually, everything that is on my schedule is in the phone. Or I just might not make it on time (or at all) if it isn't in the phone. So as scheduled my alarm went off at 10:30pm, and I got up and took a shower and dressed for work. Gathered my lunch/breakfast & was off to work.

I do notice people at the bus stop, and think that is an unusual amount of people for 11:45pm, does the bus still run this late? Oh well, it is a Saturday night, so maybe. Ok next stoplight, I look at my car clock...why does it say 10:45? Oh, yes...I haven't changed my car why does my cell phone say 11:45? I am sooo confused. So I stop at the convenience store...I need coffee anyway. OK my receipt says 10:45pm...I am going home, sooo not ready to be at work an hour early...This is not my favorite shift anyway.

But who changes the time before midnight? Please tell me t...mob...ile... Y, just Y?

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