Sunday, March 08, 2009

I was wrong!

It's been 4 years and I thought he was Chinese, but nooo he's actually Japanese. I guess I can blame the Dr. well the vet. Yes, I am talking about my D-O-G, not a person. I guess it was the black tongue. He is by no means a full bred anything. He became a member of my family because a friend had 2 female dogs and too many puppies. He might be a combination of both, because his hair can grow long and he has that look like a lion. But the long snout always made me doubt his chowness as well as his size. He is smaller than a chow. I believe that he is part Shiba Inu.

When I was reading the information about the temperment of the Shiba Inu...I thought OH this is D-O-G. I think I read that they are born practically house broken...which amazed me about my dog. Once he learned where "OUT" was he was pretty much house broken. That took almost no work...Also when I read that they are fastidious and almost like cats about grooming...I thought wow that is my dog. I don't know how many times I have awaken to hear him in the corner just licking himself, paws & all.

Fortunately he doesn't have a high pitched scream that it appears the Shiba have...but like I said he isn't full blooded anything. Finally, this article/advertisement had me in tears (laughing), because I could relate. I already knew that if I wash him at home I needed to use the smallest bathroom in the house..or outside must stay on the patio..Want clean dog. When I could afford it I took him to a groomer. But now we can't afford that, so I try to go to the self-service dog wash...I can stand up & wash him, and there are hooks & restraints to help keep him in place.

It's good that I think I now know what my mutt really is. But I love him whether he is Chinese or Japanese, or both.

FYI that is a baby pic at the top...

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TravelDiva said...

What a cute D-O-G but I wanna see a pic of YOUR D-O-G.