Saturday, February 03, 2007

¡Silencio, por favor!

Information overload. I guess there has always been background music when you are out, in stores or some public places. That evolved into commercials, or maybe an announcement that something is on sale in the store.

Even at the gas pump I have heard commercials over the speaker. However, recently I have been going to a gas station that has TV screens at each pump. Basically it's commercials, and the advertising for the gas station that I am already pumping a waste of time and money IMHO. It also had a traffic update, but I had zoned out, so it was going off when I realized that it was information that I could use.

It seems that no matter where I go there are tv screens with news or some sort of advertisement. When I rode the train into town to work...TV's were on the train, actually they were also on the bus.

Where can I go for a little bit of silence?


West said...

I've spent a good deal of time, money, and effort trying to make sure I'd have things to occupy my time and my mind on long rides and various outings.

I've also started spending time, money, and effort trying to make sure I WON'T have my mind or my time occupied by the unwelcome - advertisements, people on their mobile phones, intercom announcements, etc.

Noise-cancelling headphones/headsets are a beautiful thing.

Freaky Deaky said...

Good question. When you get the answer can you please tell me?