Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just a little update

It seems like there a major assignment due in every class that I have.

Although Saturday I was able to squeeze in some fun.

I went to the mall and lunch with my mom. And returned home to sleep in my own bed. Yeah, yeah so what people do that every day, right? Well, she lives over 500 miles away in Virginia.
Maybe next time I will be able to stay longer. But I was able to fly there in the morning and caught an evening flight home.

We had calamari, and she tasted first, and then asked what it was. I paused before I told her. I'm glad she liked it. I had to promise that I wouldn't say "Taste this" and then inform her that it was snails. LOL That was NOT a difficult promise to make, because I won't be eating that myself.

I apologize for the brevity and rambling I will go to bed now.

I hope your Valentine's Day was great!


scratchie said...

I know the school life thing. You'll manage though. I keep tellling myself " down next one to go". One thing is that it makes you appreciate the very simple things that people take for granted like hanging out doing nothing.

Remnants of U said...

@ Scratchie - yes I get through this one assignment...then one day...and one semester at a time. Oh, and I do appreciate "free time."

West said...

I hope yours was happy, as well.

Freaky Deaky said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day. I hope it was a good one.