Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What are we to do?!

A few weeks ago there was an issue on my street. It caused kids to miss school buses, people to miss appointments & dogs not to get walked. What could make a whole street miss events & routine activities you ask? OK it was just 1 high school student, her mom, and me & my dog. I think everyone else was already at work or inside.

We live in a cul-de-sac and there was a raccoon in the middle of the street. My neighbor's daughter wouldn't walk to her bus stop. My neighbor had just returned from driving her daughter to school when the D-O-G & I came out to take our walk. Fortunately, I was warned before the D-O-G saw the critter.

Neighbor, "There is a live raccoon in the middle of the street over there." As if on cue the raccoon gets up & turns around and lays back down.
Me, "We have raccoons, in addition to the squirrels & other critters that run around here?"
Neighbor, "I've called Animal Control and the Police and neither one can help."

A police car turns on to our street and parks. We look, but no one gets out.

"So is he going to sit there all day?" says my neighbor.
"I hope he's waiting for Animal Control." I say.
Neighbor, "Well, I better go eat breakfast."

Over an hour I came out & went back in the house multiple times. Finally, I see another police car pull up & then a white truck with a logo...Wait, Wait it's animal control. **Cheer leader jumps & cartwheels**
Four police men are standing outside their cars now. The man with the noose slips it over the raccoon's head and picks it up & puts it in the truck.

I'd never seen any raccoons and haven't seen any since that day. I hope that the D-O-G doesn't encounter one...He had his shots, but I don't think that would protect him if he gets bit by a rabid animal.

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Freaky Deaky said...

First the squirrels and now this raccoon, why all the animals hating on the D-O-G? I haven't seen a raccoon in a minute, well, one that was dead in the street or on the side of the road but we have them hear. They're cute but you don't want to tangle with one.

So did the high school girl think the raccoon was going to chase her or was it leering at her in a lewd & lascivious manner?

Any video of the jump & cartwheels? If not I can tell some of Mr. Raccoon's friends how you and your neighbor set him up to do a bid. *evil laugh*