Sunday, December 27, 2009

Customer Service on the Phone

Have you ever made a call, gone through menu after menu which includes entering your account #, to finally get a person and they ask...FOR THE ACCOUNT#? Arrh! That annoys me still, but not as much it did before I worked in a call center.

There are sooo many things that can affect whether the person gets the info you entered or not. From the company not using all of the technology correctly, to a major outage from their phone provider, to short wrap up times between calls. So if the person doesn't answer the phone & say "Hello Ms. Remnants, how may I help you?" Then usually ask them what do they need to help me. Sometimes the account #, or maybe the reason for my call. The call can go smoother if they can go through their own menus and ask you for the info as they get to it.

One thing that I didn't know before I worked in a call center is that if the company has the right technology a call center an be a great place for blind or visually impaired people to work. I am soo in aww of the blind people that I worked with, because they have to listen to the computer in one ear & the customer in the other. They have to remember how many times to tab to certain places to enter info & just memorize so much that I just depend on my sight to do. But they pretty much had to meet the same goals that those of us that could see did.

I know I've called somewhere & there was a rude person on the phone, especially in those companies that once they have you locked into a contract they don't have to work to keep loyal customers. Can you say Cable Companies, Ricky? But I guess I try to be pleasant even when I have a major issue, like waiting during that half day window & the technician hasn't called or come.

I could probably go another 10 paragraphs on scenarios & situations, but I'm off to see a movie.

I do have to say again that I am in aww of my blind coworkers. Because they used to deal with some of the same rude people that I would talk to. I had a hard time concentrating when a person just talked & talked while I tried to complete some of the more difficult requests. So that listening to different things in each ear just wouldn't work for me a deeply dependent on my vision with my glasses or contacts person that I am.


Freaky Deaky said...

I just wish there was a way to automatically deal with the next level of support. I realize they're reading from a script and have a procedure to follow and that not all the customers are tech savvy. But when I've told someone the steps I've already taken and they insist I do it yet again it gets old really quick.

I'm not sure how they can think with someone constantly yapping in their ears. I just state my problem, answer whatever questions, and keep my mouth shut.

Remnants of U said...

Oh, yes computer issues are almost always offshore people assisting with problems and when you are above average computer literate it's annoying. Trying to work through the language issue. But then I guess it's worse for a computer illiterate person too.

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